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Harbaugh Scholarship    




The Harbaugh Scholarship Fund was created by the late Eulalie Harbaugh in memory of her parents, George and Ella Longworth Harbaugh, early day Mitchell County citizens and Beloit residents.


The scholarship fund is administered by Trustees, Mike Haddock and Harry Gantenbein.  Scholarships are awarded to high school graduates and students enrolled at a four year institution and to students enrolled at a one or two year institution of higher learning beyond the 12th grade level.  No awards will be given for work beyond a Bachelor’s degree level.  Applicants must be residents of Mitchell County or have graduated from a Mitchell County high school.


Awardees will be paid the full amount of the scholarship at one time.

Scholarship applications must be returned by June 10th to Mike Haddock at 741 Canfield Dr, Manhattan, KS 66502.  This is a one year scholarship grant.  Awardees are eligible to re-apply in following years.  Adhering closely to the following instructions will increase the chances of being awarded a scholarship.


Instructions for page one of the application

(This is the page the judges will see, so be sure statements clearly give the required information!!)


The applicant is to submit a short, typewritten narrative answer to the following statements.  This page should be carefully and thoughtfully written as the three member selection committee will only see this narrative page.  Do not include any identification on this page!  This selection committee will judge the applications before any identities are known.  


        1. Explain why you should be considered for this scholarship.
        2. Explain your specific need for the scholarship.
        3. Describe how you plan to use the scholarship funds.  (Include the school you are enrolled in for next year.)
        4. Describe your goals for completing your education.
        5. Describe your career goals and objectives.
        6. Include your school and community activities, work experience and GPA (Do not attach a resume.  Include all information on this one page, please.)



            Instructions for page two of the application


                    1.  Name and address

                    2.  email or phone number where you can be reached for questions

                    3.  Parent’s name


*  Include your official, complete transcript from the high school or university you attended this past year.  Include the most recent semester!


*  Submit 1 photo suitable for the newspaper - to be used upon selection as an awardee.  



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